First FarmBank

First FarmBank was looking for a new website that would appeal to their customers and help them to easily find the information they were looking for. They worked to pare down the content on the website to ensure that the product and service information provided was straightforward and easy for users to locate. The simplified user interface and home navigation doors allow for rapid access to the most sought after topics, creating an experience that is convenient and efficient. We worked with First FarmBank to provide imagery and design elements that were reflective of their location, culture, and customers base. This includes using more earth tones instead of white throughout the site, creating a warm and inviting space for users to explore.

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SunWest Federal Credit Union

SunWest Federal Credit Union values open, modern design and sought a website that utilized unique elements and functionality, setting them apart from the competition. A simplified user interface that was both friendly and interactive was an important design element. Another key factor was to maintain consistency across all digital channels, allowing the website to be a resource for additional digital marketing and social media.

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American Bank

American Bank’s redesign was a complete overhaul and included a variety of visual and functional elements that made their new website unique. Simplified and succinct content allows their users to find what they need quickly and easily. They allowed our custom developer complete creative freedom to introduce new and on-trend ideas and functionalities. This innovative approach resulted in a new slideshow concept that ensures users will scroll through the homepage, while also helping American Bank to keep their content fresh and updated!

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1st Capital Bank

1st Capital Bank’s redesign was very closely tied to their well-established branding, and they requested a sophisticated look. They opted for a more traditional feel that showcased their community, focusing on local news and events. Local imagery throughout the pages provides a user experience that if familiar and comfortable, while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

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Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union

Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union went into the redesign process with a unique idea in mind. They were seeking a new design that would draw in their customers and also represented the credit union as technologically advanced. A large part of the project was introducing their new mascot, Chip! Chip has several different greetings customized for the time of day, and is directly tied into the Personalized Greeting enhancement, giving each member a unique experience!

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Persons Banking Company

Persons Banking Company is a holding company that previously had separate websites for all four of their banks. They used their redesign as a way to combine and rebrand all four banks into one cohesive online experience, while also maintaining representation for each bank. Persons Banking Company also used this opportunity to expand their content to provide full descriptions of all of the products and services they provide. The result is a single, updated, and comprehensive website for all of their customers, ensuring that the information presented is consistent and cohesive.

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Metuchen Savings Bank

Metuchen Savings Bank was looking for a new look and feel that would give them a simple, open web presence. A major focus of the redesign was that it portrayed their community and would attract a younger demographic. The new custom responsive website provides them with a platform to convey their growth through technology, which featured the launch of several new products, including Business Online Banking.

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Dakota Western Bank

Dakota Western Bank launched their new website in conjunction with their new .BANK domain. They worked closely with the Fiserv Web Services team to enhance their branding and web presence, with a focus on security and complete content rewrite. The result is an updated and easy to navigate website that is sure to provide their customers with the product and services information they seek.

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Custom Website Releases

As new Custom Website projects are completed, we post a selected few here. With the most creative, innovative, and modern techniques being used, these sites are examples of what we can do for you and your business. Feel free to take a look and explore the possibilities.

We excel at making your online presence one that draws in customers and provides an immersive, technologically advanced, and personalized experience! The additional enhancements you will see on these custom websites takes the updated design to another level, providing users with more convenience, a simple user interface, and access to the information they seek. Responsive design allows for your unique design to be scaled and optimized for any screen dimension. Take a look at our mobile sites and secure forms for more options to supplement your website!

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